Sandy Galabada

Sandy Galabada

Product Designer


Rebranding Burgundy Elevating Burgundy: A Progressive Branding and Web Development Endeavor In this case study, we embarked on a transformative journey with Burgundy Consultants, a forward-thinking media agency, to reinvigorate their visual identity and web presence for a global audience. Through collaborative brainstorming and meticulous research led by their CEO, we crafted a fresh look […]


Seedevi Spices Born from tradition, transformed through creativity and technology Seedevi Spices, a distinguished player in the food and beverage exports industry, embarked on a transformative branding journey in 2021. Rooted in the rich traditions of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, the brand sought to reinvigorate its heritage and originality in the global marketplace. […]


Ecolux Elevating the Standards of Hospitality Industry Ecolux is the leading importer of high-end hotel toiletries in the Maldives, catering to top international hotel chains. They use natural ingredients to create their guest toiletries, and primarily serve the B2B market in the hospitality industry. Preview ClientEcolux 🇲🇻Type Ecommerce, Branding, Web Development Year 2021 IndustryHotel amenities […]


Logofolio Logo Designs 2020-2021 As a designer, logo design is one of my favorite and most challenging areas of expertise. Over the past two years, I have completed several logo design projects for a variety of clients. In this case study, I will showcase some of my most successful logo designs, and provide insights into […]