Sandy Galabada

Sandy Galabada

Product Designer


Elevating the Standards of Hospitality Industry

Ecolux is the leading importer of high-end hotel toiletries in the Maldives, catering to top international hotel chains. They use natural ingredients to create their guest toiletries, and primarily serve the B2B market in the hospitality industry.

Ecolux 🇲🇻

Ecommerce, Branding, Web Development



Hotel amenities import & export



In 2021, Ecolux started manufacturing customizable hotel amenities in the Maldives under its name, previously importing under different labels. Ecolux was seeking to create a new brand strategy, brand materials, packaging, and a website with a shopping cart for their customers to order directly.

Target Audience


Ecolux’s target audience consists of professionals in the hospitality industry, including decision-makers, both local and foreign, aged 25-65 in the Maldives.



The Ecolux brand was positioned as a luxury brand, given the Maldives’ nature as a high-end travel destination. All brand materials and digital products were created to cater to the luxury audience in the hospitality industry.

Brand Identity


The Ecolux logo was designed to signify luxury and eco-friendliness, using gold against dark forest green as the primary brand colors. Dark forest green was chosen for its accuracy and closeness to nature, while gold represented the brand’s premium status.



While the packaging is still in progress, the focus was on revamping the existing bottle and container shapes to reduce the cost.

Brand Materials




The Ecolux website was designed and developed to cater to the luxury audience in the hospitality industry. It is divided into two sections: information pages and e-commerce, containing four information pages: Home, Products, About, and Contact.  

The e-commerce section has products divided into three sections: Exclusive brands, Ecolux customizable products, and Furniture. The website’s design emphasizes natural ingredients and luxury, with a 3D space of a jungle and a Maldivian island on the homepage.

Website structure




The website was developed using WordPress, with WooCommerce used to create the online shop. The shop was designed with as few clicks as possible, allowing customers to make purchases easily and provide their contact details.



In conclusion, Ecolux’s rebranding and visual identity aimed to elevate the hospitality industry’s standards in the Maldives by positioning the brand as a luxury eco-friendly solution for hotels.