Sandy Galabada

Sandy Galabada

Product Designer

Case Study 09

Direct DN Fintech apps

Here are a few examples of the user experience designs I created for Directfn’s worldwide product portfolio, including both web and mobile applications.


DirectFN is a pioneering force driven by innovation and a commitment to enhancing value in the Capital Market ecosystem. With over two decades of focused expertise in FinTech, specifically in Brokerage and Wealth/Asset Management platforms, as well as FinCON’s Market Information Screens, DirectFN caters to Emerging and Frontier Markets. Their clientele includes Brokerage Firms (both Retail and Institutional), Banks, Clearing Members, and Wealth/Asset Managers across a wide geographic expanse from Morocco to Indonesia.


Fintech SAAS


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Project Type

User Research, Product Design, UX


Branding, Researcher & Designer