Sandy Galabada

Sandy Galabada

Product Designer

Rebranding Burgundy

Elevating Burgundy: A Progressive Branding and Web Development Endeavor

In this case study, we embarked on a transformative journey with Burgundy Consultants, a forward-thinking media agency, to reinvigorate their visual identity and web presence for a global audience. Through collaborative brainstorming and meticulous research led by their CEO, we crafted a fresh look that resonated with their heightened aspirations.


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Taking Burgundy to the next level


In December 2020, I was invited by the CEO of Burgundy Consultants to participate in a discussion to re-design the agency’s new visual identity. With that, we began the re-designing process to make it fit their new internationalization. The brainstorm sessions were fruitful, as the work was amazing and always commenced with good thorough research conducted by the CEO and the teamwork had been at the highest level.

Finally, we crafted a new look for the agency that matches the new expectations.

The previous logo they have been using had two main components, which are the hand-written typography and a symbol. To make it more minimal we decided to keep the typo in our main communications. The typo was the founder CEO’s handwriting. So, looking at their inception and the industrial growth, the typography had given a heritage expression, connectedness and showed how much their values meant to their clients. Since it’s a free-flowing typeface, it always had given the look of agility and moving forwardness.

The 60-30-10 rule


During the review sessions, we have identified a couple of issues in their current website. One of the main issues was the colour combination that made cluttered look on screen and this seemed to be widespread across the pages of the website.

As a solution, I have followed the 60:30:10 rule which helped me to create a well-balanced colour application for Burgundy new website and it enhanced their brand identity. The idea of the rule was simply dedicating 60% of the colour palette to one colour (Usually, it’s a neutral colour), another (Complementary) colour makes up 30% of the palette, and a third colour (accent) was used for the remaining 10% of the design.



Typefaces were carefully selected to give the best expression of the brand. I have chosen two main font families to express the minimalistic yet strong and trustworthiness feeling of the agency. We have chosen a Sans serif font family and a serif font family will complement each other, for this rebranding process. For the headers, titles, and all types of huge text areas we used the Sans serif font Circular and for body text, quotes, descriptions, etc we have used the serif font named Domine. to create contrast, different weights of the same font were used.



After a profound analysis of the previous website, we have found the following issues that needed immediate revisions to align with their newest strategy.
  • The website layout seems customary.
  • The clarity needed to be improved in CTA (call to action).
  • Since their 80% presence was on local context the confidence factor only catered to the existing base which needed to be expanded.
  • The company’s brand value didn’t reflect the current look.

The new look

As a solution for the above issues we have designed a brand new minimalistic website for Burgundy



This project was executed using two main paths, one was the brand twisting and the other one was the development of the website. The allocated duration for this project was 12weeks.