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These are set of Logos which I have done for several Clients in Several fields. for all the logos I have used Adobe Illustrator Software and Wacom Graphic Tablet


  • Logo Designer
  • Brand Creator
  • Illustrator

Dali's Children


“ Dali's Children Is a Handpaint Service for Tshirts and Promotional. this Brand Is created by me Inside the collage to fund a Breast cancer awareness programme. bassically its a team with bunch of designers. and brand name and the logo is Inspired from Salvador Dali, and I wanted to connect hand painting and Salvador Dali's next generation ”



“ BOO is an Upcomming fashion Brand in Sri Lanka ”

DirectFN - HTML APP Icon


“ This is an App Icon for a Financial company {Direct FN}. ”

Bumbastic Bulls


“ Bumbastic Bulls is a Cricket team logo. I wanted to make Something like Chicago Bulls and Give it more modern and solid look, First i drew the Bull and Mixed it with the colours of Iron man costume. to make it look more powerfull and solid. ”


“This is my Personal Brand - logo which I used two years ago.”



“Chokolate is a chocolate reseller In Sri Lanka, they do online sales. Specially this brand is famous among young couples who share chocolates online. so I have made the letter "K" and "O" out of two hearts. ”

Financial Company Mobile App logo




“Doodle is an art magazine in Srilanka”

My own Logo


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