Talk to Tim

Mobile Application

This Application is a redesign of the Talk to Tim Web Registration form. the web form is a bit complex and less user friendly one, they wanted to redesign the form to match with the mobile user requirements and reduce the complexity as possible, but they wanted to keep all the fields in the webform.
I have used balsamiq mockups tool to draw the wireframs and Adobe® Photoshop to design the Prototypes and also I have use Adobe® Illustrator to design the characters


  • UX Designer
  • User Research
  • Illustrator

Splash Screen & Login


Dashboard & Side-Menu


“ you have to swipe the screen from left to right or click the menu icon to see the side menu ”

1st step - Personal Details


“ Use the Pill (tabs) on the top of the screen to switch between the screens ”

2nd step - Medical Declaration


Final step - Choose the medical package


Original Website

“ This Application is the mobile version of this website, they wanted to rewamp and re arrange this form to match with Mobile User requirements ”

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